Index and analyze valuable on-chain customer data with Read, empowering you with deeper insights.

Read empowers you to get a full view of your on-chain interactions and uncover valuable consumer behavioral insights.

Event Indexer

Metadata API

Wallet Analytics

Multi and cross-chain support.

What are the benefits?

Understand your customer's journey on-chain. The nature of Web3 gives you access to a full view of your consumer's interactions and interests.
Super fast
We index and deliver you all of your customer's on-chain data and integrate directly with your current tools like SFDC, HubSpot, etc.
APIs are our business, so as the NFT ecosystem continues to grow, know our APIs has the scale and reliability you need to keep up.

Included features

  • Integrations with popular tools like SFDC
  • Fully-managed analytics dashboards
  • Detailed per-user breakdowns
  • Built for enterprise applications
  • Custom ETL pipelines

Start leveraging your on-chain data today.

Read empowers you to gain insight into your consumer's behaviors on-chain.

Effortlessly track, monitor, and gain valuable insights into user behavior with on-chain data. Seamlessly index and organize transactions to stay informed about interactions with your digital assets.
Digest on-chain data effortlessly. Process and interpret complex data sets with ease, extracting meaningful information to make informed decisions.
Analyze on-chain data with Read's comprehensive suite of analytical features. Explore, visualize, and derive insights from your data using advanced analytics and customizable dashboards.

Capture payment and mint NFT's on-chain at scale with Write.

By leveraging Write, you can transform your beloved IP into a wide array of digital assets, allowing you to expand the reach of your intellectual property like never before.

How does it work?

Direct integration with most payment processors

On-demand Minting of NFTs

Included features

  • On-demand minting service
  • Physical-to-digital integration
  • Ability to create composable NFTs
  • Metadata and image hosting
  • Access to rarity-tree randomizer
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