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We provide a white-glove solution to integrate NFTs and blockchain into your business. We’ll handle everything on-chain so you can focus on what you do best.

Seamless tech stack integration

On-chain data pipelines

In-depth analytics dashboards

Wallet-to-Customer relationship management

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Explore your web3 business opportunities to build brand-new revenue streams, attract new users, and increase engagement and retention.

We have unparalleled experience building and launching blockchain-enabled solutions for globally known brands. We’ll work with you from start to finish and ensure a flawless launch experience for your users.
Build brand-new revenue streams
Attract new customers to your brand
Increase engagement and retention

With Graffle's guidance, Mattel Creations ventured into web3, transforming our beloved toys into captivating NFT experiences. Their unmatched expertise has transformed our digital consumer engagement. It's been an awe-inspiring digital evolution!

Jason T.
Senior Director - Mixed Play & Emerging Technology
80K packs
12K wallets
750K NFTs

Graffle guided us seamlessly into the web3 realm, revealing a wealth of untapped opportunities. Their aptitude in integrating on-chain consumer experiences through NFT applications was a game-changer for our business.

Bjarte Karlsen
Blockchain Specialist
60K Packs
10K Wallets
250K NFTs
100+ Challenges
1 / 2
750K NFT's minted
4M tracked events
250K NFT's minted
1.1M tracked events
750K NFT's minted
4M tracked events
250K NFT's minted
1.1M tracked events

Our host of products and services helps bring your brand and IP to life in web3.

Physical to Digital - Gain intelligence and reward your consumers by allowing them to mint unique NFTs on-chain after purchasing physical goods. Manage your NFTs to create stronger brand loyalty, new revenue streams, and untapped marketing potential.
  1. NFT gated merch shop
  2. Gamified rewards
  3. Direct access to consumer data
  4. Increase lifetime LTV with digital goods
Smart Contract deployment - Battle-tested smart contracts that can handle millions of mints without fail. Generated millions of extra revenue with digital goods.

Leap into Web3.

Graffle is the premier infrastructure provider with deep industry expertise at all levels of business. Let us help you realize your Web3 vision.
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